Now that there has been a Ten Commandments monument up at the Oklahoma State Legislature since 2012, a group of Satanists wants to pay for and erect their own statue at the Statehouse, honoring, well, Satan. One proposal that will be submitted to the legislature from the Satanic Temple group, which is based in New York, includes a possible pentagram design and would cost approximately $20,000.

As ridiculous and offensive as this idea may sound, it points exactly to why we shouldn't allow ANY religious monuments or statues on government property, and should preserve the separation of church and state. Why is it okay for a Christian statue to be put up in the first place? There are tons of people who don't subscribe to the Christian faith, and for them, a monument of the Ten Commandments may be just as offensive as a satanic one is for Christians. The irony is that the allowance of a Christian statue by the legislature opens the door for statues from all kinds of different religious groups, who could argue that their statue should go up right alongside the Christian one.

I don't think any religious monuments should be allowed on government grounds, period. But if we allow one, we should have to allow all of the others just as well.