Did you know that a family pet dog saves a baby from its abusive nanny? The Jordan Family hired Alexis Khan to take care of their baby son named Finn. Finn was two months old when the nanny starts abusing him. They were totally blind to everything the nanny has been doing to their baby.

And one day their loyal dog Killian starts acting defensive every time the nanny comes near the baby, the dog will bark so angrily and wouldn't let the nanny come near Finn. The weird actions of their dog caught the parents attention. The parents plant an audio recorder and it recorded the detrimental treatment of Khan to their son, from hitting the kid to cursing. Khan was arrested for child abuse, thanks to their dog Killian!

Good Morning Everyone! God Bless us all!

Image Source: i1.ytimg.com/vi/XcfQZ5JY8UA/hqdefault.jpg