Tyrantum is one of the fossil Pokemon of 6th gen. It is Dragon and also the traditional rock type. Tyrantum's highest stats are attack and defense. Along with decent-medium HP and special defense, and just enough speed for dragon dancing purposes. In case you haven't read my other competitive play posts, Dragon dance is by far my favorite move in Pokémon because it raises your attack and speed stats %50, or one stage. Use it twice and your stats are doubled. After dragon dance, Tyrantum can hit hard with the strongest rock move in the game, head smash. Also, Tyrantum has great moves like Earthquake, Dragon claw, Fire-thunder- and ice fang, and the common move stealth rock.

I used to use Tyrantum on my 6 on 6 single battle team. I pretty much used it just to counter Talonflame, a flying and fire Pokémon. With a annoying ability called Gale Wings, a ability that makes all flying moves always go first. In other words it gives you +1 priority for flying type attacks. And Tyrantum resists both fire and flying. Making those moves only do 1/4th of the normal damage. So if y our like me and you really hate Talonflame then use this pokemon.

Tyrantum is weak to almost every priority move in the game, which really cripples its sweeping abilities. However after a dance, Head smash can one hit KO all pokemon that don't resist it. However you will take %50 of the damage you do in recoil. So keep that in mind.