Have you ever tried to watch The Heirs?
It is a korean novela that shows a love that is very unusual with common people.
Honestly, I am not a fan of korean novelas and korean artist.
And because of my curiosity, since my officemates were addicts to the said korean novela, i watched it.
And to my surprise, the story is good and with our culture here in the Philipines I got curious with Korean's culture.
They have have different perspective on hiw to handle girls and their lives.
I am not sure if it is the same with real life situations or they just do it because of the story.
I love the twist of the story.
I love the way the actors and actresses act on their roles.
And the story is like a love against the whole world.
The story is not yet finished.
And we are just waiting here in the Philipines every wednesday to watch it.
You have to tries it guys.
You won't regret it.
The story ia great.
And one thing also is Lee Min Ho is good looking guy.

Have a blessed afternoon guys.

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