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I so agree with you. I have started to limit things to what can be used up or what the person is in need of.

My sons will get gift cards. I hate that but I know they both can use grocery cards. Their girl's will get something that suits them. One will get a glass angel and the other a yarn gift card.

I already have arranged the quilting on my grand-daughter's quilt and a friend of mine got me a ton of American Girl books for a dollar a piece.
I still don't know what to get Hubby or the Roommate.
But the other friends will all get consumables. And for most friends I set a limit of $20 and I have told them that. I have also told them I want to move across country in 2 years and I am getting rid of stuff, please don't give me anymore!

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I buy far too much but my kids are only young so want them to enjoy Christmas as long as we can manage it

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Now that the kids are older we set a firm limit for gifts of $50 each. It takes away lots of the Christmas stress.

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Every year I tell my family that we need to cut back. But it never happens.

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Sounds like loads of fun to me! I think gathering to watch holiday movies and eat yummy food is a great idea. :)

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We will just buy a few gifts for our grandfather and grandmother and to my cousins.

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