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I do think some people here are getting likes in a less than legitimate way, but the majority of folks here do follow the rules. They get likes and views because they interact with other Bubblers & write about things others want to read.

I think I might be able to help you with some advice. It was too long for a comment, so I wrote a post. Look for the red cross on my wall, and you'll find it. It's called, "Not Earning Enough? First Aid for Your Bubblews Posts." I hope you and others will find it useful :)

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hat would also make me wonder !! i started out slow and built it up from there ..took me a while ..that i can say !

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&vhon , and &msDime , I agree that yes building good relationships with your connections is very important. However come on there are users here that get hundreds of views and have 600 connections + in less then a week. You can't tell me this is due to their quality work and relationships.

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I've wondered about the same thing. I've shared on Facebook and don't think it helped at all. Some of these people that instantly get so many likes, it make me wonder.

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&misterboing It's simple my dear... If you became good friends or atleast gain the attention of other members by becoming having the same interest and writing about these stuff... they would surely check what you have every now and then... :D

"Leave your mark in their hearts" as one bubblers once said in her article... :D

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