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&jacqui32 my step-daughter &Ali778 has informed me that she has unlocked the Sleepy Slopes on her phone, and now that I have been playing the Sleepy Slopes for some time, I see that more friends of mine are also playing. That leads me to think unlocking it has something to do with being a friend of someone else who's unlocked it already.

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&jacqui32 aha! Thank-you for the explanation. My step daughter said the same thing as she wasn't aware there were alternate realities for PC players. Ok, back to Dreamland :)

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I never play on my PC always on my smartphone. You do not get these alternate realities on the phone, I must start playing on my PC. Thank you for the reminder, sort of, you now know I will be playing Candy Crush instead of writing posts. I blame you. :-)

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