One more month till Christmas.

One more month until we will be happily opening presents, singing Christmas carols, and eating tons of food with our families.
But do remember other less fortunate people Fellow Bubblers.

This time of year is not all about how much we get, but how much we give.

So please remember that ederly neighbor down the street who has been forgotten by her family. Send her a card. Invite her over for a meal.
Give small gifts to kids in orphanages.
Give gifts to the ederly and the forgotten who live in Nursing and Retirement Homes.

My husband was asked at work to give a gift to one person every year, living in a nursing home. So he did.
He also bought some toys for orphans living in a local orphanage.

I come from a long line of a dyfunctional family. So when I was in my early 20's I told everyone I was adopted. Little did I know a few short years later, I pretty much would be an orphan.

So do remember those less fortunate than you this Christmas.