If honestly, I have all kinds of days: good, sad, lazy, rainy, happy, pale, memorable and full of love for life. There are such days when you want to pack your bags and move to a desert island, that you could hide from everybody ans everything. But I know you are having such days also. All kind of days. We all have it. The worst about such thougts is the fact that you understand that the problem will not solve a getaway, can only further worsen the situation, but for fight seems you have no power. When I do not know what to do, I take a very simple tactics, in my mind or even undertones I repeat myself - just do not give up! Just do not give up! After all, not to give up when it is difficult - it's the best opportunity prove to yourself that you are not so weak. After all, who does not make mistakes? If you would like always do things well, we should be all powerful. The most important not to be afraid to be wrong, do not be afraid to amke mistakes, to keep going and move forward. Do not let the life flee through you, overtake you and leave with thoughts about disaster. It is not true that success is only for the few, most important to be proud of yourself, what you are, speak what you feel and do what you really want.

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