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I never let leftovers go to waste and love to experiment with food. I've only had to throw out two meals that were truly awful, but most are wonderful or at least edible.

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The first time I had jambalaya someone told me that it had its origins from adding bits of 'leftovers' like shrimp, sausage, chicken, etc. to a pot with rice and vegetables and tomatoes, etc. So, you never know when you might end up inventing a brand new dish. :)

We used to have a 'leftover' night once a week - not put all together, but just served in various bowls & dishes in the center of the table and everyone just helped themselves to whatever they wanted. I told the kids it was 'Smorgasbord'. LOL. Sounded better than leftovers. :)

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Well now I'm hungry and its near midnight. *le sigh*

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