It's been 7 months now that you finally decided to end our
relationship, the time when *We* became *Me* again. It's been a
really hard journey for me, this life without you sucks. I had always thought that if it ends , I would be
the one happily accepting it and cherishing the memories and
times we shared, I would be able to smile. But I guess I was wrong,
seeing you in dreams, the times we spent, seeing your smile,
remembering all our happy moments kills me to the core.
Living without you is suffocating. Hearing your name sends shivers
through out. And at the time I was finally accepting it, my destiny
thereby crept in, played another game with me.
It was a normal day except the fact that I had been late for
my coachings, stuck in this bloody traffic jam in scorching heat. Just
to divert myself from the constant honkings and summer sun, i
started texting some of my friends. Just then my driver
started to horn.. Just to see the condition outside, i
lifted my head. I saw her right in front of me. I could see her face
from inside his car. Every part of me was shivering. She was
wearing a black t-shirt, as I always used to say black compliments his
skin colour. She was looking way beyond perfect. She was making
me fall for him all over again. The pieces of my heart which were
carefully put up back by bandages by me, broke again..
And then She smiled, She saw me too. Every broken piece of me
cried to take one glance. I managed to fake a faint smile. For
that brief moment, our eyes were locked, I could feel the sparks,
happiness which was rushing inside me. We were both trying to
answer the same questions. The feeling when I saw him looking at
me with a smile on her face was incomparable.. As soon as She went, pain inside
me got a medium to rush out. Tears filled up my eyes, all I was
left with were memories. She loved me, I loved her, but still we
weren't meant to be. Destiny had not written our story together. Yes, it still is a love story but
maybe it just has an incomplete end. The parts we gave each other, were still stored in our
hearts, in our memories but maybe our story was supposed to
end ................