I have never heard of anything like this with a hospital! Boston Children's Hospital has not only kidnapped a 15 year old girl, but they have also gained legal custody of this girl! The hospital's excuse for kidnapping the girl is that the parents were not following doctors orders. That gives them no excuse to kidnap this girl and go to the extents they are taking this.While they have kept her restricted from the outside world, her medical bills are piling up and they are still going to try and charge the parents for all of this? That is millions of dollars that have been raking up worth of treatments. This is insanity. This girl is currently still being held captive in this hospital. Being made to take all the treatments they give her. The law enforcement is being no help in this matter, as they are siding with the doctors and hospital 100%.

That poor girl is probably so scared :( Her parents have been ripped away from her, on top of how ill she is. She is all alone in a hospital full of doctors only looking at the $$$ She doesn't deserve this! Justice has to be served.

Read more into this story.. Source: www.naturalnews.com/042999_Boston_Childrens_Hospital_child_kidnapping_Justina_Pelletier.html