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That why i stop using netflix. i keep getting that question and i ask support about it and they told me if i would enable cookies it would stop. I did that and it still keep doing. I called back they told me my ISP was changing that why i was getting it. After i told the person they were wrong they told me i must need to up date a bunch of stuff on my computer. I told them look it a problem on your please fix it. after she told me no it was my computer i said fine cancel my service.

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Uhm... I haven't seen that question when I log in, &lizliz .... Maybe you are getting everyone's question?

I'll give you a nickel NOT to tell Netflix you have already answered it a BUNCH of times!!!?? (grinning!)

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These always drive me crazy especially when you open a new website and it pops up with a survey straight away. So annoying.

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I haven't had this problem...yet. But, Netflix does keep telling me that my email address is invalid. It isn't! I even talked to customer service and they helped me troubleshoot it, but it's still telling me that! Annoying!

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