I don't care if you like Palin or not, this Bashir guy has to be fired.

Martin Bashir went on television and called for someone to defecate in the mouth of a U.S. political figure. This is disgusting and not fit for public discourse.

He first came onto the scene by tricking Michael Jackson into doing interviews on camera. Jackson claims that much of the material was recorded without his knowledge.

Bashir was then at the BBC. Some say that the the resulting outcry from the media community about his lack of ethics forced him out of England. Many have claimed that the attack on Jackson was the beginning of the downfall for the popstar. Bashir later smiled when asked about this.

He is now the host of a show on MSNBC. The channel also has Al Sharpton and Alec Baldwin. Baldwin was recently suspended.

That leaves two ugly people. Bashir and Sharpton.

The American public should not tolerate this sort of political discourse. Bashir said on air that someone should defecate on Sarah Palin.

He has since apologized, but it is not enough. The people at MSNBC should not tolerate this behavior. It is revolting.

Here is n article from an Irish newspaper. They are familiar with Bashir. He was over in England causing trouble before coming to America.


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