Have you tried to buy .22 caliber ammunition lately? If you haven't, and you own a .22 rifle, or pistol, then you might think about not wasting what you have, because next time you go to buy some, you might find it a little challenging.

I wasn't even aware that there was a shortage, until my son filled me in on it, a few weeks ago. He called and asked if I knew of anyplace he could find bullets for his rifle. I told him that Walmart usually has them, and he said he went to 3, and none of them had any. I thought that was strange, so I thought I would just go check it out for myself the next time I drove to town.

I quickly found out that indeed, there was a shortage. There are a few reasons for it, and some make sense, and some don't.
First of all, it is a basic supply and demand problem, but a bit more complex. Basically right now, manufacturers can't produce enough to satisfy the demand for some calibers of ammo.

Part of the problem, is that people are wanting more it than they used to. Many of them are afraid that due to increased calls for gun control, that there might be a limit on gun or ammunition sales or possession. Those who are have those concerns want to get it while they can.
Another thing making the problem worse, is that .22 caliber weapons are one of the most common sizes owned by Americans. Some households even have more than one.

And I think another reason for the problem is that once word gets out that there is a shortage, people like me who haven't bought a box of shells in year, want to get a few, just in case.

I've personally checked the shelves of at least a dozen stores in my area. Yep, they are all empty. If I find a solution, I will post again and share what I found. If you know where we can find some, let me know.
Photo: my own