You must bring the true winner in you back to life if you don’t then you have buried it deep down somewhere in which it can never be found, the resurrection of a true winter begins now.

If you want to bring back the version of you that was the best and the most powerful then you must focus and you definitely will resurrect the winner in you.

You must rise from the ashes and come back even stronger than ever even though you have been defeated gruesomely almost beat down to the ground as if you were being jumped by 14 men, you still must rise and resurrect the winner within you.

Once you come back this time your skin will be 10 times tougher you’ll be 13 times more difficult to defeat and because of this your opposition will know your raft once more but this time they will crumble to your non-evasive tactics and well-thought-out strategies the resurrection of the winner begins.

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