I have had this wine bottle for a long time. It was too pretty to throw away and I knew some day I would find a new use for it and this Holiday season I did just that. I recycled it into a table top tree good for center pieces or even on my fireplace mantle. I have another one that is also perfect for this craft too, but it still has the wine in it. I plan on making that one closer to the holiday and giving it to my Cousin, who is hosting the holiday meal this year. Once the bottle of wine is empty it will not have to be thrown away as they will have it for years to come as a Christmas decoration. Any host would love to have this duel purpose gift.

For this craft I used a snow recipe I created that was not only fun, but doesn't make a mess. When it dries it has the look of real snow and ice. Here is the directions how to make it.

The Reindeer ornaments are another fun and easy project you can get the kids involved in too. I am including the directions here.

Here are the directions for the bows

I rate this project easy to medium depending on your level of imagination and crafting ability. It's even more fun if you drink the wine first and then get crafty.

Happy Holidays.

Photo Credit :Mine