One of the dumbest things any one can do online is spend money hoping to make money if you're trying to make money and they are going to pay you than why pay them. If you pay them than you are now obligated to make that amount of money back if you don't than you have been scammed which is absolutely terrible to go through. So you can't be scammed by a site thats suppose to pay you if you never pay them it may be wrong but at the same you only lost time not money compared to a site that makes you pay to make money where you end up losing both time and money two of the most important things we have besides our own health. So my best advice is a offer seems to good to be true than most likely it is i have seen tons of scams on facebook that say well you give us 200 we will do something to where it adds a extra zero than pay you back thats a scam that you don't want to get ripped off by. So hey you want to make money than don't spend money its like throwing away food hoping you will get more food to eat , yes that statement makes no sense what so ever so fits perfect with paying to make money it doesn't make sense because it never will unless you have money in stock markets even than its a risky business.

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