There are many street in lagos state of Nigeria. The street of Ajegunle is one of the street in lagos. It is very lively to be in Ajegunle street. From morning till night, there are people in the street of Ajegunle . The traders are always at their selling points. Motor cyclists wearing helmets on their heads speed past. During weekends school children play football at available free spaces. Some beggars come to the street of Ajegunle to beg fo alms. Buyers from different part of the the city come to Ajegunle street to get whatever they want to buy in the street. There is abig mosque and a big church on the street of Ajegunle. There is a popular place in Ajegunle street called suya joint. Suya is a roasted meat miss with dry pepper. The owner of the joint is mallam sule, this roasted meat with dry pepper called suya make many people both old and young, rich and poor to come to street of Ajegunle . Ajegunle street a lively place to be.