I am putting away a couple of bone china dinner sets from my parents in-law .. I am putting them away for their grandchildren .. wether they like it or not, they are gonna get it .. lol ..

I am also putting away sets of crystals .. wine glasses ,vases and a whole lot of accumulated things through out their 67 years together .. A lot of mementos from their travels overseas ..

While going through these chores, I can't help thinking back of my first five years living here in Australia .. The culture shock I encountered...

The boys received an invite to a children's party. On the bottom part of the invitation card, it says ," Please bring a plate" ..

I thought to myself, Why do they only want the boys to bring a plate? .. Do they expect the three of them to eat in one plate? .. What about cutleries ? Are they eating with their hands? ... What about cups or glasses to drink from? ..Why can't they provide paper plates, plastic cups and spoons and forks? ..They're not that expensive ...So, I had problems all of a sudden .. Because I don't like the idea of the three boys eating their food in one plate with their hands .. lol ..

So , to make sure, I packed up three plates, three cups, and three sets of spoons and forks and some servietes .. Gave the boys instructions to behave at the party and eat properly .. Then we drove them there .. I was anxious because this was the first time ever the man allowed the boys to attend party and socialise with other kids ..

When we arrived there, some guests were also arriving the same time. Each family brought large plates full of fingers foods, cakes, and platers of mixed fresh fruits ...

OH! HOW EMBARRASSING!! There we are, arrived with three plates with nothing on them!!! .. I froze as I got out of the car .. I could tell that the boys were also embarrassed that they didn't have anything to put on the table for everyone to share ...

But anyway, in the end, everyone there at the party laughed at this one of my embarrassing moments .. Of course I found it very funny too .. From then on, every time we get invites, the boys remind me to bring a plate with food in it .. And oh yes indeed, even if they say, don't bring anything, whether they like it or not, they will get something .. LOL .

CHEERS!! ;) .. My Friends , when I invite people around for a get together , i don't want them to bring a plate with food or without food .. heheh ..Do you ask people to bring a plate?..I since have heard funny stories about this "bring a plate" thingy … Have you? Or have you experienced something embarrassing but luckily turned out into something funny in the end? .

captcha " milk was a bad choice " …. it would be ..lol ..

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