If you play Hay Day you have likely lost diamonds and are wondering why. It may seem like you did not use any diamonds yet when you look at your total there are less than you thought you had.

It is really easy to lose diamonds if you are not careful. I play on my iPad and if you tap on a crop, plant, tree, or animal a screen pops up showing you how long you have to wait for it to be finished. That screen also has the amount of diamonds and a place to tap to use them to complete the task.

If you accidentally tap again you will lose whatever the amount of diamonds that are required for that particular thing. This morning I was tapping to send a thank you to someone who had revived my plant and I must have tapped one too many times because I noticed that I lost 16 diamonds.

I think that they should add a step that asks you if you are sure you want to use diamonds. I think they skip that because a lot of people waste diamonds that way and they can then charge you to buy more.

This is one of the only things I hate about Hay Day and I wish they would add a safeguard so this does not happen!

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