The recent super typhoon Yolanda slammed the Visayas Region this weekend. The eastern part of the Visayas was severely hit while the western part is on signal number 2. Our province was on the Western part and even though it was not really hit by the typhoon, some of the students in our college volunteered to do the packaging of goods and for the rescue team mission in case the storm gone worse. And my sister is one of them.

They were given life jackets and other first aid kit by the municipality and were on standby the whole weekend. It’s better to be prepared than to cram.

Fortunately, she said Yolanda left Sunday morning. She’s always on the rescue team everytime our place needs volunteers. I’m a bit jealous because when I was still studying, I never get to do volunteer jobs and be a part of a rescue team, which I really wanted do. Here in the city, I also sent applications to become a volunteer on calamities, giving packed goods to those who were affected. But I was never called. I think maybe I am not fit for the job. I am weak and it’s God’s way of keeping me safe too.

I trust God’s plan. And I wish my sister all the best. It’s good to know that she also helped others in times of needs.

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