What is Dysmenorrhea? -- it is the medical term of pain during menstruation.

Since yesterday I've been sleeping for me not to feel the pain from my monthly period called Dysmenorrhea. But too much sleep during the day cause me more pain at night! I was not able to sleep good, and it hurts so much! Pain reliever is not working anymore. It is so so hard to have a dysmenorrhea, you are out of your mood and don't wanna talk to anyone. Makes me too grumpy all the night, makes me cry (sigh).

I was 13 when i had my first menstruation and as far as I remember I never had dysmenorrhea like my other friends. So I wonder now why I have this? I can't even clean our place, having this pain is too hustle. Plus it makes u have head ache. It's too hard being a woman lol.

I was reading through the internet what to do if you have this kind of pain, instead of taking pain reliever that doesn't even work to me you can also massage your lower abdomen, place a heating pad or hot water bottle on your lower part back abdomen, rest like what I am doing but still hurts ouch!, and do not drink alcohol or even smoke.

What a day. Just resting while scrolling to bubblews!

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