Gangs of young teenagers are walking up to random people hitting them in the head and killing some for laughs. The media has not reported on this until just recently. It has been epidemic in the urban communities but now it has come to the prominent areas. People have been killed.

I just watched a news report which interviews the teenagers, all who seem to laugh and joke about the assults. They say that it is a fun game.

Here is what the knockout "game" is.

A group of teenagers sneak up on a single adult. They then hit them in the head and steal their money.

There is a racial element to this which is why the media has refused to cover it.

Recently a man died in New Jersey. A group of teens hit him and he fell unconscious and cracked his skull on the street. The teens laughed and the local community leaders say it is just a game and they are just kids having some fun.

These young criminals are walking the streets celebrating their attacks. They have killed people. The news media is not covering this enough. The police have already been told to not arrest these teens.

If you don't live in these areas you have no idea about the violence and crime that is happening. It is a daily occurrence. The media must begin to report this and the police must be allowed to arrest these people, send them to jail for life.

Here is a video from a local news station in New York City where they interview many young teens. All of them are laughing. There is also video of them attacking people.

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