If you haven’t seen it in the news yet, let me be the first to tell you – there are a group of moms and other women out there, stealing baby pictures from strangers Facebook albums and posting them in their group album just for the twisted enjoyment of “toddler bashing”. These women take pictures of babies, some even disabled, and post them with comments like, “It’s hideous,” or, “You can’t fix ugly.”

Now there has been some media coverage on this and these slimy little ----- well I will refrain from calling them what the mommy in me wants to – have stated that this is their right, they have the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech my foot, in an act of shame or fear, they disabled their group and some even removed their personal pages from Facebook.

Get this, for all their freedom of speech, not one of them has been willing to explain their actions, they all decline interviews. Hiding something? I think they are distraught that now everyone knows how hideous, disgusting, empty, and simple they really are. These women make my stomach turn, and I am proud to say that I would love just a few moments in a dark alley with one or two of them.

I say this to you so called mothers, because real mothers don’t teach their children to be petty little bullies by example, “You are ugly, and disgusting. You are the lowest form of human life. How dare you openly and publicly judge and humiliate innocent little babies. Take a look into yourselves, there is enough hideousness there to sate your twisted hunger for a lifetime.”

I am so peeved by this. In an era where we are finally recognizing and trying to combat the effects of bullying, we now have parents, people whose job it is to protect children, jumping in and showing the kids a new way to hurt others.

People like these women and their FANS are the simple, unintelligent, worthless waste of clean air that stifles our society, dragging us down, and preventing us from moving forward. Our kids will never be safe from bullying and discrimination so long as adults are allowed to act this way without any consequences.

Freedom of speech indeed, that’s rich. Freedoms used to hurt others are freedoms abused. I cannot express enough how I feel that these women, and all Facebook groups like theirs should face penalties for cyber bullying and defamation of character. What a low and useless group of people. To think, all of those organizational skills wasted on something so petty and heartless as making fun of little babies, people with disabilities, people who are unique and different.

Would you ever participate in this kind of group?