Back in August I did a write up on how Comet ISON was fizzling out and wasnt turning out to be the comet that scientists had hoped for.
Well that's still true as it's now running at approximately 1.3 magnitudes, which is 3.3 times dimmer than predicted.
So no spectacular celestial show.

What’s cool..well...kinda cool... about this comet is that even though it's not the outer space light show we hoped's stumping the fool out of scientists.
Which is always fun.

Right now as ISON blazes (kinda) towards the Sun, it's not putting out a huge dust cloud....but it is producing more gas.
Usually when a comet produces more gas, it produces more dust.

The comet started to brighten on October 19th and got scientists all excited.
But then on October 23rd...against all started to dim again.

Some really un-nerving quotes about the comet....

"All I can say is I don't like the odd look of it at this time." - John Bortle, creator of the Bortle scale that measures the night sky's brightness.

"I don't know what's going on with this comet!" - Astronomer Bruce Gary at the Hereford Arizona Observatory.

And add to this the fact that "ISON is responding to the sun more like a solid body would respond, rather than as a typical "fluffy" comet.” -

And also, the comet has increased speed and is now 3 days ahead of schedule....

So what if it is a "solid body"?
How does that change things?

You know...I think I have seen this movie.......

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