This month I know a lot of people are doing the 30 day thankful posts on Facebook.I have also seen some posts on here as well. Each day, they choose one thing to be thankful for and keep going through every day in November in honor of Thanksgiving. This is a great thing to do. But, the problem is people will do it this month and then go back to their normal routine of complaining every day after November is over with. That creates a problem. When you forget what you are thankful for, you are not going to attract more things to be thankful for. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. You get what you think about. I know many people do not believe in that. They have a hard time believing you get what you think about. You may not believe in it, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening! Your thoughts create your world, whether you are aware of it, or not.

Many people wonder why they live such a hard, difficult life. Why they can't ever catch a break. Truth is, they are creating those hard difficult times with their thoughts. If you are constantly thinking "Man, I can't ever catch a break" or "Wow, when will the struggle end?" You are only adding to the problem ,not solving it. Dwelling on the problems will not make them subside. If we had the thankful attitude we have this month, every single day throughout the year, our lives would change for the positive! Be thankful for everything you have, every day. Not just in November. Take a few minutes throughout your day to say your a thankful for the little things' Whether it be "Thank you, I am grateful for this food" or "Thank you, I am grateful for the clothes on my back and the roof over my head" it makes a HUGE difference.

This article was written by me @SerenityPositivity