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Many times what you see in FB is not the real one happens in life. In FB I almost have no life but actually I'm very busy everyday... I hope you get the point.

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I so appreciate your feedback &GardenGerty - like you, I really do want to know what's going on with my daughters and, by extension, my sister and her family. So many times, there are things I don't know and then I'm told, "Oh yeah right! You're not on Facebook and we were discussing it there!" It's just a given to most folks that everyone they have contact with is on Facebook now. A couple of people have suggested I just have a profile and keep it as restricted as possible with the privacy settings - and only friend the people I truly want to keep tabs on. I guess that can be the way to go. Again, thank you :)) *hugs!*

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I cannot choose for you but for me I am a Facebook observer. That is how my new daughter in law communicates and I love her, glad she is with my son and I want to know what is going on. Oh, and my son in law connects that way as well. Not so much my daughter. Their church communicates that way so she does have a profile but she says "If you are looking for me you will not find me here". I do on occasion recommend either one of my posts or one of a connection if I feel it should be.

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