I have just noticed recently that some of the Bubblews members have received warning from the moderator(s) on their profiles for violation of rules.

Well, this is a positive development that Bubblews is really improving. This is actually good for the community and for the people that have received the notice.

Why is it good you asked?

If you have noticed, there have been several complaints from members here that when redeeming their earnings they get denied. And the only thing they received is a Bubblews email telling them they have made a violation on one or several points in the rules. And its very rare that Bubblews would reply back when you message them asking for the details of the violation since the moderators would only send you a copy of the same rules that you can read on your Bank site.

It could be very frustrating if that happens to you, several hours wasted without a hint of the specific rule that you violated to give you a chance to improve in the future. And it also makes you worry that the same thing might happen again the next time you try to redeem your earnings.

So, yes, in a way the warning that the moderators you get on your profile right now is a heads up. And this is much better rather than getting this message on your email when you already are past the $25 dollars limit to redeem. Atleast you will have time to 'think' and make some changes to keep your activities in-line with the site rules.

But still the warning is vague, they don't give you the specific violation that you made. You just have to figure out for your self.

Having said those, my wish list of improvement I want to see in Bubblews is this:

1. Articles submitted will have to pass a plagiarism check before getting posted on the site and give a notification to the member if ever the article doesn't pass the check.

2. Violations would be listed with the specific category of the rule that have violated to help the member improve instead of just giving vague warning.

3. Get more specific with the rules (i.e. the minimum words for each article). >>> edit : the rule has been supplemented, articles should be atleast 400 CHARACTERS and should only be in english.

If these get implemented, I am very positive that this community will grow very fast with the members staying and improving with the site itself.

Right now it is understandable that many members quit after their first try to get their earnings and they get denied without a clear reason of why it is denied. So I am happy that Bubblews is moving to the right direction with issuing early warnings. And I have no doubt that this site will the next big thing.

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