Courtney and I went out for a 3 a.m breakfast @ Denny's.
I ordered the "Moons Over My Hammy" meal, it was overly filling, then I had a cup of coffee and some orange juice.
Our waitress was friendly, and quick to ask us if we needed something.
We ended up being full before we finished our meals, so we took the left overs to go.
If it weren't for our strange hours, we might be asleep right now like normal people,
but since I am still hopped up on coffee I decided to write more.

It is rare that we can afford to go out 2 days in a row, but we were able to (yesterday and today.)
Writing @ bubblews has paid off far better than other sites, much to our relief.
Anyway, Courtney informed me that aside from our trip to Twin later today, we are also going to Jerome this weekend.

She's not driving both trips, we will ride to Jerome w/her mom.