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I'd say leave shaman to the shamen and just get on with living!

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I wont be using his services, I was just pointing out that he predicted things and they turned out to be true, that's all I was saying.
I wont be needing his services so I dont need to google search him &DarrylG

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&DarrylG - i DIDNT PAY FOR THIS SERVICE, It was all free, he never asked for any payments.

You correct it could have been anyone else, fair enough, but it wasn't anyone else it was me
he sent it to. Now understand that he is also serving some sort of purpose with what he's doing
he may not be aware of that, he's intentions could be for self profits or whatever, but the universe
ultimately make final decisions on everyone destiny, and he could have been used as a channel to
convey a certain message. OR NOT who knows, but I will insist in saying that what he told me will not
change my views or beliefs on this topic.

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I hope it so for you Hugh, blessings and good wishes on the sacred day.

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