Unless you never watch TV, listen to radio, or read!, you almost certainly have heard above the internet or know something about it. Few people have never heard of the internet: however most people have either used "+INTERNET" occasionally or frequently. Doesn't know the internet has attracted an enormous amount of attention.

Some Believe it's the speed and wide variety of information found on the net that had made it popular.
other says it's the ease once can access and publish information in the internet while others just believe it is a fad.

_Who uses it_.
In fact , if you not heard or browsed the internet, it is not the fault of the internet. it just Isn't that complicated or isolated.
Anyone with computer, phone line, modem and ISP can connect and even publish on the internet. However, publish you will have to get know some basic terms such a HTML,HTTP,URL and others. From young to old, million of companies, organization, and individuals have published with great success.

-Global audience -Online surveys -Immediate Distribution of Imformation
-Operates 24 hours. -Announcement -Easy Intergration with internal information system
-Relatively Inexpensive -Provide technical support -Powerful content publishing tools
-Product Advertising -Create online discussion forums -Multimedia
-Distribute Product Catalog -Obtain Customer Feedback - formatting capabilities.

*increasing ubiquity and indispensibility
*Easy to publish on the web
*Access People all over the world
*Can be liberatory and give rise to independent learning.
*can provide platform for a group and/or real world projects.