There have been more and more dog poisonings through dog food or dog treats. The latest dog deaths were from dog jerkey wherein no one is saying which product it was from. I just read an article on the FDA proposing a new law, in fact it is a one of a kind law to regulate the production of dog food and dog treats to prevent further poisoning of dogs.

What I never knew was that dog food manufacturers NEVER had in place any type of cleanliness policy or basic rules in the manufacturing of dog food. I don't know why this surprises me, but it does. I do know that food such as the type you purchase at the Dollar Store are substandard compared to Purina brand dog foods. Think about it, you never hear of dogs getting sick of salmonella poisoning from Purina products.

The beef, chicken and other meat by-products that are used in the manufacturing of dog food is basically animal guts and parts not fit for human consumption. Now that new laws in the production of dog food has been or is being set in place, this means that every dog food manufacturing plant has to go through a thorough cleaning and then an inspection (we all know this isn't going to happen any time soon as it is costly). This will then mean that the prices of dog food will rise.

Please don't this change your mind about keeping your dog! Start feeding your dog treats that you make yourself, this way you know where the meat came from and it can be meat from leftovers that would normally be thrown away in the trash. You don't need a fancy dog bone making machine that is on the market you can make them yourself in the oven with left over meat, rice and vegetables. Do you homework on the vegetables as some vegetables are not good for dogs. I'll be posting some dog treat recipes to share with all my fellow bubblers.

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