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No, I don't think they are lazy. I do think that originally, fast food jobs were meant to be sort of stepping stones, but as other jobs got eliminated, fast food and retail work remained. Unfortunately, the wages won't go up because of the corporations that run them, and they will tell the public that if they raise the wages then the cost of a burger will go up to $10. All crap, but that's what they will say.

Are there lazy people? Sure, there are in any job. I have worked with lazy people when I was in fast food, and I worked with lazy people when I had a corporate job...they are everywhere...

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&MysticVision - Well said. Laziness isn't something that is just contained to one socio-economic group.

&lissylou -- Also well said. Although, when I worked in fast food, there were a few coworkers who were lazy as hell -- which meant other people had to work harder to pick up their slack. One lazy b*tch (the one who peed in my purse) was scamming the welfare system -- she drove a brand new car, always had nice things, and was always taking trips to Disneyland -- but she was on Welfare? She hardly ever lifted a finger at work, and she ended up getting promoted to shift leader -- her mom also worked there and bragged all the time about how she was in the U.S. illegally, didn't have a green card, and was using someone else's social security number. (And several different people tried to report this, but none of the higher ups seemed to care, and the better business bureau had a wait period of like two years before they would take a look at any cases.) Anyway, there ARE scumbag, lazy people who work in fast food, but it's not the norm -- most fast food workers, such as your daughter, work their asses off while going to school on the side, trying to pave a better life for themselves.

&Geamer -- Many people who work minimum wage jobs hold two or three jobs, so they're definitely not lazy and are capable of doing other things. Businesses just don't want to pay more than minimum wage -- it would cut into their earnings.

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I don't think that it is a lazy thing to work with a minimum wage, they should think that a person who works with a minimum wage could also work for other things, augmenting their income to a much more liveable wage.

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Can I get on my soap box for a minute, since my kid has been working fast food full time and going to school full time too? She will work circles around most people. And so will most of the kids she works with.

There are lazy people in all professions, not just fast food. Government workers, for example, are usually among the most highly paid and get a slew of benefits, including a guaranteed retirement pension, and yet many of them are way too lazy to do their jobs. Just go to any construction project along the highway in any state and you'll see what I mean, two hour lunches, leaning on their paid vehicles, sitting on the guardrail. It's a running joke when you pass a state worker on the road, "there's your tax dollars, hard at work."

On the other hand, fast food workers have to hustle or they won't last a day or two in the profession. So if you run across one that seems lazy, they probably won't be holding that job very long. It's an under appreciated, underpaid job. For those of us not forced to do it, we should be thankful someone is willing to show up and fix the food we don't feel like cooking.

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I know plenty of people with Ph.D.'s who work 'professional' jobs whom I would call lazy. I know people who are wealthy who didn't...exactly play by the rules to attain it. While I do know people who simply will not work and do scam the system, the truth is things are rarely simple when it comes to position, finance and status. If a person is working full time (or above) for for minimum wage, by definition they are not being lazy. Often they are working their asses off to provide for their families. I am bothered that it is sometimes we (professing) Christians who perpetuate these ideas.

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&Ryan45678 - It has definitely become a stereotype. A positive attitude benefits everyone, no matter where you work. It depends on the management, I think -- if they create a positive atmosphere, that rubs off on the employees, and that benefits the customers. It doesn't matter what you do, so long as you're happy doing it. :)

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&Batman_Returns - You got that right! Sometimes it seems like the less someone's willing to pay you, the harder they expect you to work!

&iimouto - I agree. Not everybody has the opportunity to go to college, and some people simply choose not to go. Laziness has nothing to do with it.

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Occasionally fast good workers are lazy, but it has become the stereotype. I know of plenty of fast food workers who love their jobs, and it makes a positive impact on the customers!

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There are lazy people in every type of jobs, not just minimum-wage ones. I don't think minimum-wage workers are particularly lazy. I don't think it's lazy either to "not go to college". We don't know their circumstances. How do we know that they even had a chance to go to college? Not going to college can be due to many reasons... not just "laziness".

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