I try to be as self sufficient as possible and generally prefer to use all natural products instead of products full of unhealthy chemicals and preservatives. I am 42 years old and due to my main occupation (its appearance focused) it is important that I keep my skin looking healthy. When I hit the age of 30, I started using a face moisturizer to help reduce the chance of wrinkles and premature ageing of my skin. I started with the original Olay face moisturizer and over the years changed to Olay Total. About three months ago, I ran out of Olay and decided instead of buying more, I would try a more natural product, so bought some organic extra virgin coconut oil instead.

After three months of using the coconut oil as a face moisturizer/wrinkle cream, i have noticed:

- Olay does a better job than coconut oil does, at decreasing fine lines and wrinkles
- Unlike Olay, I can use coconut oil daily and not get acne (Olay always makes me break out if I use it more than 3 times a week)
- When using coconut oil, I had almost no acne at all.
- I tend to get dry skin around my nose and eye brows, both coconut oil and Olay did a good job keeping it moisturized.
- Coconut oil hurt more than Olay did if it gets in the eyes.

Coconut oil beat Olay for acne problems, tied for moisturizer and lost for a wrinkle cream. Unfortunately, for me, coconut oil did not work as well as Olay did, and I will be changing back. I would prefer to use an all natural product on my skin, but I need one that does the job excellently, and coconut oil sadly did not.

Of course everyone's skin is different and coconut oil and/or Olay will not work the same for everybody

The photo used with this post is my own