Little Egypt or the Ewald Cemetery is located on 5A and Hawthorn Roads Bremen, In 46506, which is in Marshall County. As a teen, I remember hearing the story of this creepy old graveyard and eventually I went out with other family members. Now let me preference this by saying, I am a gutless wonder. I do not like scary things.

I am not sure how the stories got started and how much is simply a vivid imagination, however, people seem to go there and see and hear different things. I recall the story being told how if you would go park, put your car in neutral it would move. As we drove out there, it is in the country and on a set of very sharp curves. Nerves were rising, but we were tough teenagers and would not abort the mission. I know I was scared, as I was and still am the gutless wonder. I do not remember if the car moved but I do remember being there. I also remember something about the troll bridge but it has been so many years now, I no longer how that story went. Old age and a few nights sleep will do that.

One rumored story according to; “Little Egypt Many claims have been made of apparitions appearing at night at the cemetery. There have also been claims of driving around the cemetery and hand prints appearing on your windshield. One story is if you throw a nickel on a baby`s tombstone, that you will hear it cry.”

One of my younger brothers researched our family history and was told that Peter Weaver was buried there. He said it thought it was a great great uncle to our father, I was unaware of this fact, and dad is in heaven so I cannot ask him. According to Ewald Cemetery, aka Little Egypt, Peter Weaver was born Sept 19, 1846 and died April 27, 1919.

The cemetery gained such popularity about being haunted that it also was abused. For years, it was severally neglected, however today it has a fence around it to keep out vandals.

I find it so ironic that I would meet a man from that area and have a home within 3 miles of this sad little cemetery. It is simply a resting place for those poor souls.

With Halloween approaching with the whole ghoul and goblin thing, I hope people will simply leave the cemetery alone and leave it be their resting place.

Photo Credit belongs to Angelgirlpj, that's me!

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