Military schools have now been renamed as Rashtriya Military Schools . There are five Military Schools in India.

The first to be started is Chail Military School in Jalandhar (Punjab). After that four more Military Schools were started they are as follows:

Bangalore Military School
Belgaum Military School,
Ajmer Military School
Dholpur Military School.

These schools follow the C.B.S.E. syllabus and come under the Govt. of India. They provide training for the students to enter Army. There is good discipline in these schools and is as good as the Army Discipline.

However it is not easy to get a seat in these schools as the entrance test if of very high standard.

List of Sainik Schools in India:

There are 24 sainik schools in India, however let's see the most important ones in India.

Sainik School Satara
Sainik School Bijapur
Sainik School Amravathinagar
Sainik School Bhubaneshwar
Sainik School Chittorgarh
Sainik School Gopalganj
Sainik School Kapurthala
Sainik School Lucknow
Sainik School Nalanda
Sainik School Rewari
Sainik School Nagrota

These are similar to Military Schools and the training provided is excellent if you wish to join Indian Armed Forces.