A lesson for women who have excessive obsession about the body slim. Valeria Levitin feeling quite himself are adversely affected by anorexia. An extreme diet makes 39-year-old Valeria became emaciated. His body was only a bony shell. Even her look much older than his age, 39 years.

Valeria Levitin, a Russian woman who lives in Monaco. It has a height of 172 cm with a terrible weight, only 26 kg. Valeria tells that once the mother has a fear that Valeria will grow fat like their other relatives. Even when Valeria was a child, she has implemented a strict diet.

Valeria Young does have a body that contains, even had a beauty contest, the actual shape of the body is not too bad to maintain. Only the mother is a perfectionist trying to control food intake Valeria. Because he was too old to get an extreme diet treatment, Valeria body now can not take sugar and carbohydrate intake. Although he was eager to eat these foods, the body often can not accept.

Anorexic behavior is also supported by the experiences of his youth, where a friend mocking his physical condition. Valeria increasingly want to lose more weight. Valeria conditions changed drastically after anorexia about 20 years. His body now appeared frail, old and pathetic. A far cry from a few years ago when she was young, and beautiful features.

Even sadder because anorexia is getting destroyed his life. He became more lonely and shunned because of his terrible. Even so, he received several emails from people who want skinny fat. Most of the email sender is a woman. But he wanted to teach them not to be like him.

He said in his video that he wants all women to know the consequences of diet, even extreme diet. Through the video, Valeria also recommends that there should not be like him. Being slim it is the desire of many women, but if excessive, we will be sorry.