Is Your Favorite TV Show On The "Likely To Be Cancelled List"?

Anyone who frequents my posts knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with TV ratings. I love analyzing the major shows' ratings and seeing what shows fair better than others. Spoiler TV has a "Cancellation Prediction" section on their website where they average together shows' ratings, and use their stats to determine what show will be cancelled next. So far they have been spot on with their predictions of Ironside, Lucky 7, We Are Men, and Welcome To The Family, so needless to say I take their predictions very seriously. According to their updated list (as of October 19th) the following shows are classified as "Likely To Be Cancelled:"

(Starting with the MOST likely)

Beauty & The Beast




The Mindy Project

Sean Saves The World


Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

I honestly can't believe Betrayal hasn't been axed yet. That show is horrible and has been hanging by a thread since it began. I also am very unimpressed with Hostages, but I stand by my opinion that since it is a "mini-season" (like Under The Dome was), CBS is going to let it run through it's full 12 (or how many a "mini-season" is) episodes. I really hope Mom gets a little boost, I would really hate to see that show go, I love Anna Faris. The rest of the shows I relay could care less about either way.

What about you guys, any of your favorite shows on the "likely to be cancelled" list?

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