Well isn’t that just great?

My computer or the Bubblews computer – who cares which – cannot find something that personally I don’t give a crap about anyway.

All I want to do is reply to a comment but every single sodding time I open up the post – within a few moments that message appears. This has been happening on and off ever since I joined up. You might think someone from the technical team might have noticed by now.

“Still getting that message boys”

“OK Sir – we’re right on it. Should be fixed in five minutes”

No. That would be too much to expect. Let’s see if it occurs for what... the next ten years perhaps? I might come to love the way it wastes my time and infuriates me. I will welcome it and say “Oh it’s you – you silly old thing, come out to play again”.

And if they do ever fix it I will miss my old internet friend.