Do you know that +Hugs protect love, reduce stress and relieve pain? Do you believe in this?
It is said that hugs help for happy marriage also.
A touch of close human person, a hug or even stroke the pets makes it easier to endure the physical pain for humans.
Scientists say that for a woman touch of a loved one or even his being near acts like a painkiller. A similar effect has even photo of loved one.
Why the mother kisses the hurt or otherwise injured child. Because her kisses and hugs reduce the pain.
Pain also decreases when we fondle pets. It turned out that after the joint, hip or knee surgery convalescent patients had only a half of +Painkillers if they petting the dogs or cats.
It is said that pet owners are healthier because pets reduce stress, and dog owners are still regularly move while trace them.
If every day we will hug with someone for a few minutes, it can improve not only the emotional and spiritual well being as well as the person recovers, and physical strength.
Now, however, often hugs are forget: hurry, running, catching up.
Hugs tries to express +Sincerity , +Humanity , +Friendliness , and they makes feel better.
So, do not forget to hug your loved ones every single day.

Photo credit – my original creation.

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