I decided to do a Captcha Challenge for the first time today because the Captchas HAVE been very entertaining lately. I figured I would get some goofy little saying that I could riff about. Little did I know that I would get a Captcha that would require me to Google something--but I guess that's the "challenge" part!

So, it turns out that Oceanus is both a 'who' and a 'what'. Oceanus sounds like some sort of water god, but "streams of Oceanus" sounds like Oceanus is the water. Well, apparently they are both correct, because to the ancient Greeks, Oceanus was actually a body of water that encircled the Earth, kind of a "world ocean", and in particular the streams (currents) around the Equator are the "streams of Oceanus".

However, there is also Oceanus, one of the Titans, a son of Uranus and Gaea. (The Titans are the precursors of the Olympian gods with whom we are more familiar, like Zeus, Hera and Athena). Oceanus the Titan is the personification of Oceanus the world ocean. Lots of gods are the personification of things (the Egyptian Amun-Ra was the sun, and the Greek god Helios also represents the sun), so this is not too strange. I also found a very cool statue of Oceanus that is part of the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), a very famous landmark in Rome.

This Captcha Challenge required a little more work on my part than I thought it would, but it is cool to learn something new, isn't it? Of course, the irony is that I've spent long enough writing now that the Captcha has probably timed out, and when I refresh it, I'll probably get something like "smelly socks" :)

Picture of Oceanus at the Trevi Fountain from Wikimedia Commons en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Oceanus_at_Trevi.JPG

P.S. - Just had to let you know--the refreshed Captcha was "See Ya!"