In one of my previous posts, I've mentioned that I'll be sharing my favorite Family Vloggers on YouTube. First up is PinkieRiceLife.

PinkieRiceLife is a daily vlog of a couple living with other family members in Davao City, Philippines. I love watching this family because of their happy disposition in life. They love going to the mall, singing karaoke, eating and also dancing. Fema and Chris also has a cat named Toby and two other dogs named Raffy and Gabby. They love their pets so dearly. I admire this couple because they do not treat other house members indifferently. They love having visitors which you can see how hospitable they are. Sometimes they speak in their native tongue (Visayan Language) which I don't understand but still I find them entertaining especially Mantoy, their housekeeper. Chris is a Filipino-American who's still on the process of learning their language. Whenever they talk in Visayan language, Chris would always ask his wife, Fema, what it means. Fema on the other hand would always happily explain it to her husband. Fema does makeup and beauty videos on her other YouTube channel too. She is very creative and talented. They are fairly new couple, which is why I wish Fema to get pregnant soon.

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***Image Source: Screenshot From Youtube