Whatever Happened to Russell Johnson? He's ALIVE and HAS NO PLANS to RETURN to the ISLAND >>>

Famed for his role on the TV sitcom, Gilligan's Island, Russell Johnson is the last surviving male actor from the series – Dawn Wells and Tina Louise are also still alive. His mild-mannered character belied his real-life heroics as a bombardier with 44 – the last would earn him a Purple Heart - combat missions during World War II.

His early career saw him use the G.I.Bill to fund his acting studies and then to act in a variety of parts with a military character. He finally hit the big time with the role of Roy Hinckley – the renowned Professor. After the series, the roles were far and few between for Mr. Johnson but he did have one memorable one on Newhart.

These days, Mr. Johnson honors the legacy of his son – an AIDS advocate in Los Angeles before his demise - by staying active in charity events. He currently lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington State and makes the occasional appearance at reunions.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Article by: hilary lloyd

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