Hi I' am really sad about what happened in Bohol and cebu this morning.

the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It was really devastating experience for my

fellow countrymen. No one knows that it will happen, and no one like this

tragedy. We can't predict nature now a day's, after the flash floods in some places

after typhoon Shanti. And now another calamities come in our country. People might think

that God given us more trials, but on this trials we are more stronger to face all this

problems. We need to be strong in every trials that we are facing now, we need to help each

other and pray for everyone who are suffering on this type of calamity.

Bohol is one of the tourist spot here in the Philippines, but i heard in the news that some

of the old churches in Bohol was collapsed because of the earthquake. Loboc and Baclayon church

is one of the heritage site in Bohol. 500 years old was Baclayon church was already ruins because

of the earthquake. Half of the Chocolate hills was also collapse. More establishment was already damage

and there are some people died on this tragedy. I hope our fellow countrymen in Visayas part is

more vigilant of some after shock. We will help you guys in prayers and i hope everyone will more