The single bullet theory or ‘Magic bullet theory’

This is one of my personal favorites as this breaks so many laws of physics.
Even as a theory is laughable. The single bullet theory or the ‘Magic Bullet theory’ is a product of the Warren commission and their explanation of what happened to the bullet once it left the 6.5 mm Carcano, the rifle used by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Let’s retrace its steps.
First it entered JFK's back, bounced around, exited thru his neck, went thru his tie-knot, entered Sen. Connally's back, destroying his 5th right rib, exited below his right nipple, and then entered Connally's upper right wrist (destroying his 24k gold cuff link.) , breaking his right radius bone, exited his wrist and finally found its resting place in his upper left thigh.

So for those of you not counting, the bullet:
01 - Left the gun.
02 - Entered JFK from about 250 feet away
03 - Bounced around JFK's insides
04 - Left thru JFK’s neck, destroying his tie knot
05 - Entered Sen. Connally's back
06 - Destroying Sen. Connally's right rib (a 5 inch bone.)
07 - Exited Sen. Connally's mid right chest
08 - Entered Sen. Connally's right wrist destroying a 24k gold cufflink
09 - Brakes Sen. Connally's radius bone
10 - Exits Sen. Connally's right wrist
11 - Enters and stays in Sen. Connally's left thigh.
12 - Falls out of Sen. Connally's thigh onto his gurney at the hospital.

So, this bullet went thru 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of tissue…

More so than that, it was missing a lot of things, for example, even though it supposedly fell out of Sen. Connally’s thigh, it had no blood or skin tissue on it, going through 7 layers of skin and 15 layers of tissue, you would think it would have just a little blood right? WRONG.

It was also, according to O.P. Wright, one of the men who found the bullet, not the bullet he found. According to O.P. Wright, the bullet he found had a more pointed tip to it, whereas the bullet the Warren commission had was a rounded tipped bullet.

No blood, no tissue, no clothing, no scratches, and according to an eye witness, a different bullet altogether. You surely can see why there is so much to do about this bullet and the results of the Warren commission.

Tests have been run to try to duplicate the circumstances of that day in Texas. A majority of which have different outcomes, but with one thing consistent.
The bullet in each case always has damage to it in some shape or form.

CE 399 or Commission Exhibit 399 is in almost perfect shape for having to go through so much. The single bullet theory does not address the other 2 shell casings found in the book depository, the Warren commission accounting only for one.
There was also a witness by the name of James Tague, who while standing under an overpass, was struck by a piece of cement during the shooting. That means there were at least 2 shots fired at the car the President was in.
What happened to the third bullet? As I said there were 3 shells in the book depository, 2 bullets accounted for, a fourth (supposedly) in the chamber of the rifle when it was found.

As Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, before he could stand trial, we may never know.
More so, why did Oswald keep saying he was a ‘Patsy’, unless of course he was…?

Why at the last minute did Lyndon B. Johnson insist on switching cars before the drive to Daley plaza? Did he know something? What about all of the well dressed ‘homeless’ men in or around the plaza that day?

The problem with this case is that there are more questions than answers.
Most of the files on the JFK assassination are classified and won’t be declassified for another 16 years…

Why did they classify them for so long?

I can answer that, it all happened in 1963/64, by the time that these papers will be declassified, most of the persons involved will be dead and won’t be able to be held accountable for their doings.

History will have her day in the sun, as will the truth.

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