The Holidays are a stressful time of year for adults. The kids love it, but they don't have to worry about paying for all the celebrations and presents. This year get together with the rest of your family and come up with some ways to enjoy the festivities without going into debt. Chances are if you are feeling the crunch, they are too. Here are some suggestions that are not only cheaper, but everyone might find them to be more fun:

Graphic by Openclips: Used with permission copyright waived

1. Make gifts for each other.
2. Have a gift drawing. Everyone buys one gift. The gifts go in a pile. Hand out numbers and take turns choosing a gift.
3. Agree to purchase gifts for children only.
4. Gift someone with a job you'll do for them. Such as, one free lawn mowing in the spring; a car wash; leaf raking, etc.
5. Everyone brings a white elephant
6. All gifts purchased at a thrift store only

This is just a start. I bet your friends and family can come up with some other great ideas too.

Graphic art by OpenClips, used with permission, copyright waived