Today is my first redemption, I'm so much glad for the first time I
could redeem in bubblews. The feelings that makes my heart bounce due
to so much joy.

But i'm still worried that my redemption would fail due to some violations
that I might didn't notice in the first place. We can't still assure that
my redemption would be successful but i'm still hoping there would be no
problem at all.

A moment that has no assurance to come, either 1% of chance or maybe 50%.
Still im ready for every last seconds in the redemption process to be completed.
This is the feeling like your watching an NBA game that is so tight, in fact you
can't even judge what will happen next.

I would like to thank my co-bubblewers, Thank you so much for your cooperation
and for your big help. For all of your likes, comments, and views in every each
of my posts. :)

Thank you so much my friends and thank you so much Bubblews for this wonderful
experience, Not only I enhance my skills in writing an article but also the
wonderful experience having great, good friends in bubblews.

Thank you so much. :)


Photo captured on my own.