Quite a lot of
challenges to successful
breastfeeding (breast milk)
exclusively for 6 months. In
addition to the lack of
information among the
mothers, sometimes the
physical condition of the baby is
also preclude, for example, has
a 'tongue straps'.

Rope tongue or in medical
terms is called tongue tie is a
thin tissue that connects the
base of the tongue with the
bottom end. Infants with
congenital abnormalities such
as short tongue strap will feel
pain and difficulty while sucking
her nipples."

Research shows babies have a
tongue tie 5-10. Perhaps the
number might be much more,"
said Dr. Jack Newman, FRCPC,
international lactation experts
from Canada, when met at the
Santika Hotel, Jl KS Aipda
Tubun, Slipi, West Jakarta, as
quoted on Wednesday

According to Dr. Newman, the
condition is often difficult for
the baby to suckle well. Not the
only factor that inhibits
Exclusive breastfeeding is, but it
could further hamper when
there are other conditions such
as the mother's lack of

In fact, as stated by Dr.
Newman, how to cope with a
tongue tie is quite simple. With
tongue straps cutting procedure
is not more than 2 seconds, the
baby can breastfeed more
comfortably. This procedure
can generally be done by a

Meanwhile, the lack of
complete information among
the mothers is still a major
obstacle in the campaign for
exclusive breastfeeding,
especially in Indonesia.
Therefore, it takes the role of
the counselor or lactation
consultant as a transmitter of

Lactation consultant, who
holds a IBCLC (International
Board Certified Lactation
Consultant) there are only 53
people in Indonesia. Expected
that number is growing every
year," said Prof Dr Rulina
Suradi, SpA (K), IBCLC, IBCLC
Coordinator and advisor for the
Indonesian Lactation Consultant
Association International
Indonesia (AKLII).

In order to improve the skills of
lactation consultants and
counselors, AKLII held a
seminar at the Hotel Santika
Jakarta on 28-29 August 2013.
Dr. Newman, international
lactation experts from Canada,
being one of the speakers at
the event.