Ikaria island residents have aged 10 years longer than the life expectancy of the European population at large. possibility is that the population there lives relatively far from pollution. Fresh air, a relaxed atmosphere and mutual trust, plus vegetables and drink milk of sheep, are some of the reasons to study investigators. Was coupled with the mountainous region that forced residents constantly moving up and down and make them physically strong. even said that their longevity was also obtained from the radiations emitted from granite stones that form in the region. Ikaria is also known as a health tourism because it has hot water berkhasit for health.

-other than that people Ikaria also stress free

Ikaria Residents eat fish and lots of vegetables with little meat. Most of the food prepared with olive oil. Picked wild greenery of the hills along the area to be cooked and the ingredients.

Elderly residents there used to drink tea steeping dried leaves mixed with sage, thyme, mint, and chamomile, while the material is local honey sweetener.

Smoking rates are also low, ordinary citizens nap, slow pace of life where people always took time to relax and hang out drinking wine in moderation. Seniors honored here, the level of depression and dementia are relatively low.